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Peatland Studies
Peatland Studies - Peatland & Wetland Development
Bog restoration
Determination of calorific value (energy), ash content, sulphur, density, metal and moisture content
Determination of impact of bog cutting on SACs.
Peatland & wetland development
Peat conservation assessments in raised bogs in Ireland
Peat resource quantity and quality studies for Power generation in Rwanda

Peatland & wetland development

The importance of peatland (bogs) and other types of wetlands in terms of their hydrological and ecological significance is becoming increasingly appreciated.

We provide consultancy and field investigation services for projects such as new road routes, pipelines and other industrial infrastructure passing through sensitive wetland areas. We employ a comprehensive strategy when investigating peatland and wetlands that takes account of the significant and often complex interactions between groundwater and surface water in such areas.

We have over 10 years of experience in providing expert consultancy for wetland related issues and developments, encompassing design and implementation of intensive field monitoring including the installation of piezometers, flow weirs and peat coring.


How we can help you:
Our consultancy services in relation peatland and wetland developments include:
Geological, hydrological and hydrogeological assessment of the locality
Design and installation of monitoring wells, piezometers, and surface hydrometric structures
Characterisation of peatland and wetland hydrological functioning
Design of mitigation strategies, where necessary

Peatland Studies - Peatland & Wetland Development


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