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Minerex Services

Hydrogeology / Groundwater
Environmental Impact Assessment
Expert witness and participation in Oral Hearings (Hydrogeologist)
Geothermal resource development
Groundwater Dependent Terrestrial Ecosystem (GWDTE) Assessments
Groundwater resource development
Hydrogeological Risk Assessment
Mine & quarry investigations
Water Supply Assessment and Drinking Water Safety & Management Plans
Minerex Geophysics Limited (MGX) offers a Geophysical Services to scan & interpret the earths subsurface for fault and weathered zone identification for locating drilling targets, overburden thickness and type etc.
Dewatering, Water Treatment & Drainage
BRE 365 site tests (infiltration tests) and design
Dewatering design and installation
Dewatering equipment hire
Dewatering operations
Discharge licence application, compliance and management
Expert witness and participation in Oral Hearings
On-site suitability assessments (percolation tests) single houses and large scale developments
Surface water drainage design
Sustainable Urban Drainage (SUDs)
Water treatment (oil skimming and filtration, and suspended solids removal and pH reduction using wind and solar energy powered dosing pumps)
Due diligence
Emergency Oil & chemical spill assessment and remediation service
Expert witness and participation in Oral Hearings
Phase 1 Environmental Desk Studies
Phase 2 Site Investigation Design, Supervision and Reporting for Brownfield sites and Unregulated Landfill sites in accordance with CLR11 and The EPA Code of Practice for Unregulated Waste Disposal Sites
Risk assessment
Site Investigation/Audit
Site remediation
Waste classification & disposal
Environmental Monitoring
Water, soil and gas sampling, laboratory analyses and professional comment
Pipe disinfection / chlorination
Water level & flow measurements
Automated continuous monitoring of water chemistry & flow employing telemetry
Discharge licence application
Private well testing for local authority grants based on the drinking water regulations
Water leak investigations / Source determinations
Expert witness and participation in Oral Hearings
Assimilative capacity assessment
Bund Testing
Closure Restoration Aftercare Management Plans (CRAMPs) & Financial Provision (FP)
Discharge licence application, compliance and management
Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA/EIS) Soils, Geology and Waters (Hydrology & Hydrogeology)
Environmental liability Risk Assessment
Expert witness and participation in Oral Hearings
Flood risk assessment
Independent Closure Audit
IPPC licence compliance
Planning applications and appeals
Water & soil sampling and interpretation


Assimilative Capacity Assessments (discharge licences)
Bog restoration
Expert witness and participation in Oral Hearings
Flood risk assessment and post-flood assessment
Hydrological mapping
Hydrological monitoring
Karst – Dye tracing, karst feature mapping
Peatland & wetland development
Windfarm developments impact assessment and drainage design

Peatland Studies
Bog restoration
Determination of calorific value (energy), ash content, sulphur, density, metal and moisture content
Determination of impact of bog cutting on SACs.
Peatland & wetland development
Peat conservation assessments in raised bogs in Ireland
Peat resource quantity and quality studies for Power generation in Rwanda

Soil, water, leachate and gas sampling and reporting
Surface and groundwater flow maps
Contaminated land assessment
Land and water remediation design and implementation
CRAMP (Closure) plans
Leachate management
Groundwater risk assessments
Design and management of monitoring well installations
Illegal and unauthorised landfill investigations
Well rehabilitation & decommissioning
Down-hole camera surveying
Water sampling
Well disinfection
Well scrubbing to remove encrustation of iron and manganese
Sediment removal
Air lifting or pumping from base to remove sediment
Pumping tests
Chemical field and lab testing
Flow monitoring
Water level monitoring (continuous as necessary)
Consultancy to recommended sustainable pumping solutions
Baseline soil, geological, hydrogeological and hydrological assessment including desk studies and field data gathering
Construction and operation phase assessment
Direct, Indirect and Cumulative impact assessment
Quantitative and qualitative analytical and numerical assessment methodologies employed as required
Determination of required mitigation measures to minimise impacts based on most up to date guidance including SUDS and FRA guidance
Monitoring before, during and post development

Liaison with connected disciplines such as ecology and geotechnics

Participation at Oral Hearings


Soil moisture content
Soil temperature
Air temperature
Relative Humidity
Barometric pressure
Rainfall measurements
UV senor readings
Automated continuous monitoring
Telemtric monitoring using solar panel, wind powered or 12v battery for use in remote areas
Automated text and email alarm systems for any excedences of preprogrammed specification readings
Graphical representation of data in an easy to read manner
Hydrogeological investigation
Conceptual site modelling
Numerical modelling / computer-simulated flow predictions for the hydraulic and hydrochemical impacts on surrounding wells and ecosystems
Geological mapping
Well auditing
Groundwater flow direction determinations
Cone of depression / zone of influence determinations
Groundwater monitoring & sampling
Surface water flow gauging
Design and installation of single or nested piezometers to monitor key water bearing horizons
Design and installation of surface water flow weirs
Installation & management of automated water level recorders & text alarmed telemetry
Surface & borehole Geophysics surveys
Resource drilling design and supervision
Resource evaluation
Long term environmental monitoring
Professional advice on monitoring & compliance with environmental legislation, conditions of planning & licensing conditions

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