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Hydrology - Geotechnical & Hydrological Investigation for Windfarm Developments
Assimilative Capacity Assessments (discharge licences)
Bog restoration
Expert witness and participation in Oral Hearings
Flood risk assessment and post-flood assessment
Hydrological mapping
Hydrological monitoring
Karst – Dye tracing, karst feature mapping
Peatland & wetland development
Windfarm developments impact assessment and drainage design

Geotechnical & hydrological investigation for windfarm developments

Wind energy is a growth industry across Europe. We at Minerex Environmental, have over 10 years of experience in providing geological and hydrological consultancy for wind energy developments and have expert knowledge of the functioning of the acrotelm and catotelm peat horizons of blanket and raised bogs.

Our team of experienced hydrogeologists and environmental geologists offer a wide range of consultancy services to assist planning applications for wind energy developments, from initial site-specific geotechnical investigations to identify the optimum location for each turbine through to clear and comprehensive reporting with detailed site-specific mitigation measures.


Hydrology - Geotechnical & Hydrological Investigation for Windfarm Developments


How we can help you:

Our consultancy services in relation to wind energy development include:
Geological, hydrological and hydrogeological assessment of the locality;
Geotechnical assessment of the overburden and bedrock;
Landslide and slope stability risk assessment for the site for all stages of the project, with proposed mitigation measures where appropriate;
Assessment of any potential impacts on peat stability, designated nature or heritage areas and surface or groundwater.
If you would like more information on any of our services here at Minerex Environmental, or have a question to ask us, please contact us here.


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