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Hydrogeology / Groundwater
Hydrogeology - Mine & Quarry Investigations - quarry developments
Environmental Impact Assessment
Expert witness and participation in Oral Hearings (Hydrogeologist)
Geothermal resource development
Groundwater Dependent Terrestrial Ecosystem (GWDTE) Assessments
Groundwater resource development
Hydrogeological Risk Assessment
Mine & quarry investigations
Water Supply Assessment and Drinking Water Safety & Management Plans
Minerex Geophysics Limited (MGX) offers a Geophysical Services to scan & interpret the earths subsurface for fault and weathered zone identification for locating drilling targets, overburden thickness and type etc.

Mine & quarry investigations

In addition to new developments, pre-1964 mine or quarry developments now require an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) under Section 261, Planning and Development Act 2000.

Our extensive experience, spanning two decades, allows us to offer a comprehensive hydrogeological assessment, as a fundamental part of this process. Our assessments can involve intrusive investigation, monitoring borehole installation, groundwater level monitoring, surface water flow monitoring, conceptual model development and analytical or numerical modelling with computer simulated flow predictions for the hydraulic and hydrochemical impacts on surrounding wells, water bodies and ecosystems.


How we can help you:


Our areas of expertise include:


(a) Field investigation
Intrusive investigation
Geological mapping
Well auditing
Groundwater monitoring & sampling
Surface water flow gauging

(b) Groundwater modelling
Numerical modelling of hydraulic inputs & outputs
Cone of depression analysis
Computer-simulated flow predictions (ModFlow)
(c) Environmental monitoring network
Design & installation of single or nested piezometers to monitor key water bearing horizons
Design & installation of surface water flow weirs
Installation & management of automated water levels recorders (divers) & telemetry
(d) Surface & borehole geophysical investigation
Non-intrusive determination of ground properties
Resource evaluation
(e) Long term environmental monitoring
Professional advice on monitoring & compliance with environmental legislation, conditions of planning & licensing conditions.



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