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Flood risk assessment

In circumstances where the local authority considers there is a risk of flooding, they may require a flood risk assessment to accompany a planning application.

Our team of experienced hydrogeologists offer a comprehensive service in flood risk assessment by evaluating the following:

Assessment of flood history, hydrometric data (water levels & flows) for the adjacent water body, surveyed site levels and rainfall data for extreme events as recorded or estimated by Met Eireann.
Assessment taking cognisance of climate change and the 1 in 30 year to 1 in 200 year flood events.
Environmental Compliance - Flood Risk Assessment


Our assessments are carried out in accordance with the GDSDS (Greater Dublin Strategic Drainage Study) policy document on New Developments, which provides a consistent approach to addressing the increase in both rate and volume of runoff as well as providing a mechanism for protecting the environment from the pollution that is washed off roads and buildings.

In addition, most planning applications now require that the proposed surface water drainage system use SuDS (Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems) principles to minimise the impact of urbanisation. The objective of SuDS is to replicate the predevelopment or greenfield runoff characteristics of the site.


Our assessments provide for the following:
Calculate interception storage, treatment storage, attenuation storage and long term storage
Recommend SuDS systems appropriate to the site size, site hydrogeology and site location, ranging from swales, infiltration trenches, permeable paving, green roofs to retention ponds, detention basins, bio-retention and stormwater wetlands.
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