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Dewatering - Equipment Hire
BRE 365 site tests (infiltration tests) and design
Dewatering design and installation
Dewatering equipment hire
Dewatering operations
Discharge licence application, compliance and management
Expert witness and participation in Oral Hearings
On-site suitability assessments (percolation tests) single houses and large scale developments
Surface water drainage design
Sustainable Urban Drainage (SUDs)
Water treatment (oil skimming and filtration, and suspended solids removal and pH reduction using wind and solar energy powered dosing pumps)

Dewatering equipment hire

Our extensive fleet of effluent treatment units are available for hire on both short term and long term contracts.


Our fleet capabilities are:

Four large settlement tanks, capable of reducing gross solids to meet discharge licence requirements
Two staged oil-water separator units, capable of reducing oils & greases and reducing fine suspended solids by the addition of different filter types
Pressure vessels containing activated carbon, capable of reducing dissolved hydrocarbons and final polishing of effluent prior to discharge
pH stabilisation and treatment tanks – where effluent has an elevated pH as a result of mixing with cement grout, these units can also be adapted for acid treatment to reduce pH to meet discharge licence requirements.


Our support services include:

Effluent treatment unit hire & delivery
Training in management, operation & maintenance
On-site management, operation & maintenance of units by experienced operatives
Supply of appropriate filter types
On-site management, operation & maintenance of acid dosing units by experienced and safety conscious operatives


Dewatering - Equipment Hire

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