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Dewatering, Water Treatment & Drainage
BRE 365 site tests (infiltration tests) and design
Dewatering design and installation
Dewatering equipment hire
Dewatering operations
Discharge licence application, compliance and management
Expert witness and participation in Oral Hearings
On-site suitability assessments (percolation tests) single houses and large scale developments
Surface water drainage design
Sustainable Urban Drainage (SUDs)
Water treatment (oil skimming and filtration, and suspended solids removal and pH reduction using wind and solar energy powered dosing pumps)

Discharge licence application, compliance and management

A discharge licence is a licence to discharge trade effluent (including cooling water) or sewage effluent to waters or to sewers, under the provisions of the Local Government (Water Pollution) Acts, 1977 and 1990.

We at Minerex have recognised capabilities covering all aspects of discharge licence application, compliance and management (see also our dewatering operations section), which include:


Discharge licence application whereby we work closely with the client and local authority to ensure a comprehensive submission
Monitoring of discharge waters according to discharge licence conditions
Full range of support in relation to discharge licence compliance and water treatment processes.
Dewatering - Discharge Licence Application, Compliance and Management
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